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  • Extension Monitor Bug in 7.5

    I've had little luck reporting software errors through my Portland, OR vendor so I thought I'd try here. I don't know if it is the vendor not doing their job or if Shoretel closes errors before they are actually fixed. I do know that in the past I had a significant error that Shoretel closed without resolution that had to be reopened.

    On 7.5 we have a phone with an inbound DID. We have a couple of other phones that monitor that phone by using a programmed button.

    An internal call placed to this phone works correctly for the monitor graphics on the programmed button on the phones monitoring that extension.

    A call to the monitored phone using the DID will not terminate the inbound call graphics when that phone is answered. Also the next inbound call from an internal extension also has the same problem. The second inbound call from an internal extension works correctly.

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    There are other issues in 7.5 with Monitor buttons. Our "With Call Connected" action broke after upgrading to 12.14.4002.0. I was told that there is a hot fix in 12.14.4005.0, but have not upgraded yet.