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  • swapping HQ site

    Installed a smaller system a location A as HQ
    Was planning on installing a larger system at location B as DVS
    NOw customer wants to have location B as the HQ as all MPLS circuits will be brought to that site. (Also location A may be going away)

    What hoops do I need to jump through to make this a nice easy move?

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    You have two options you could uninstall and rebuild the HQ server and the DVM. Not fun.

    I would decommission the DVM before you make the swap. Not necessary, but it would make it a lot simpler. After you Finnish the swap just add it back in. Just move all the VM boxes to the HQ server, make sure all the switches are being managed by the HQ server in director and make sure the switches are pointed at the HQ server in the switch config, then uninstall the DVM software and remove the DVM from director. If you have users with large boxes you will need to give the server a little time to move the boxes.

    I would just swap the servers, change the IP of the servers in director, change the IP phone maps change the names of the sites and point the phones to the IP of the HQ server. You will need to delete your switches and read them to the new site. You canít change the site of switch like you can with a user. You would copy down all of the trunk info (types, labels and ports) this will all have to be re-added. If you have a PRI with DIDs that will all have to be rebuilt

    If you don't physically want to move the servers you would need the Shoreline Date folder (I would grab everything except the logs folder) form the "old HQ server". Change the IP of the softswitch at HQ with Access, copy it to the new server, install the ST software and then make the changes outlined above.

    All phones would have to be rebooted and pointed to the new HQ serverís ftp site. If you are using POE switches and DHCP just reboot the LAN switch after change your DHCP options, if your using injectors you may have to physically reset them, I don't think you will able to do so through director.

    Its simple.

    Let me know if you have any questions
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      Thanks, I'll keep you posted on how it goes


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        Well I took the "New" DVM server and wiped it. I then installed the server software. Opened up the old remote switch then started entering all the data in the new HQ site.
        I will install the new HQ site, run north, then decomission the old HQ site turning it into a DVM (I could probally do it remotely but don't want to chance it), then have the new site plug into the network.

        I am doing this this way for 2 reasons.
        1) it really isn't that far away
        2) it isn't that big of a site (6 lines 12 users)

        I figure this will be the most seamless way of doing it


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          I just went through this on a site 100+ users which had the HQ as the first install but they loved it so much they wanted to do there bigger site then we ran into the paging issue so we had to swap the DVM server with HQ Server.

          This was not easy, we tried swaping databases didnt work so I had to rebuild it manually I hope they make this easier in the future.
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            Well I set up the second site as a HQ site. This was not a good idea. I now had 2 HQ sites competing for the same equipment. Fortunately I caught this before too much disruption happened. The next day I went up and Deinstalled the Shoretel program and installed the DVS. Come to find out I not only had to un install the program but also had to remove the database folder as well. Additionaly since this was my first networked system I made a small oversite, I forgot to change the name of the computers so that the are different from each other.

            All is well now (I think) and will be off to add another site next week.


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              Well I spoke too soon,

              I have an issue with PCM now. I changed the log in IP address to the new HQ site and on the first PC I did this on the Call manager stopped working. When I try to login I get unknown server name. The wierd thing is, I have an operator that is still pointed to the old HQ site (now the DVM) and it works fine. Since there were no computers installed origionally, the ones on site now still don't have PCM on them (only the operator and the problem ext have PCM installed.) I have tried uninstalling reinstalling. I even did a new install on my laptop ( have never gotten around to installing it). I did the install using the clientinstall download. Even with doing all this I got the same thing.