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  • call routing

    OK 2 issues.
    Software 6.1
    issue 1:
    hunt group A is to grab trunk group 1 but if TG1 is busy grab TG 2.
    hunt group B is to grab TG 2 first then TG 1 if TG2 is busy.

    issue 2:
    TG1 rings HG A
    TG2 rings HG B
    TG3 rings HG C
    All phones are 230s. Not all stations will have a PCM (software developers and they won't always be in a windows enviroment)
    if ext 301(with no PCM) to both HG A and HG C and a call comes into both hunt groups at reletively the same time, how can they tell differentiate which one is coming in on their phone?

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    Let me get this straight. You have two trunk groups. Each trunk group is default routed to a different huntgroup. These are all just analog 1mbs.

    Are each of the huntgroups overflowing to eachother? If thats the case you will not be able to tell the difference between a call or an over flow call.

    The only way to get want you want is a DNIS route on a PRI or Analog DID trunk group. The DNIS label would be displayed on the phones. Analog 1mbs do not have any "number dialed" features.

    You could do it with 4 huntgroups. HGA > HGA overflow
    and HGB > HGB overflow. Put the members of HGA in HGB over flow and HGB in HGA over flow. You can only hunt to 16 phones per switch and I am not sure how this config would get counted, but if you had 4 memebers in each group and 1 switch you would be fine.

    See, its simple, as always.

    Let me know if you have any questions
    There are 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that donít.


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      Sorry I guess I didn't make it clear. Thes are 2 sepearat issues, (2 different systems)

      system 1 has the out-bound preference issue.

      system 2 has the inbound hunt group identification problem

      I have been told there is no solutions using POTS lines for system 2.


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        Use Workgroups instead of HG

        Using workgroups - you can name them and see the name on the 230 display.


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          That's good to know, however the Workgroup liscence becomes an issue :


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            It could become an issue, but remember that the license is for the CALL MANAGER ONLY.

            You can log a person in (LOGGED IN) without using a license. Of course, they will not be able to log out....


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              For inbound I still can't see why you could not use two trunk groups and 4 hunt groups.

              It would not be the best use of your trunks but even with WG unless you front end with a AA you are still going to need two different trunk groups.

              WGs would only add value if your are going to use the queue monitor, and hence the need for CM licensing.
              There are 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that donít.


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                which Issue are you addressing Aspen?


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                  230 Display

                  Hey aspen, have you played with the 230's much, it seems that I noticed that the smaller display eats the WG label? Have you noticed it?