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  • Software Mirror Set

    Has anyone ever done a software mirror set with a Shoretel system? I added a second drive to a small business server and created a software mirror. The drive failed and the system went to a crawl. During this time, whenever you called the main number you would hear "I'm sorry but the voicemail system is not available..." The call was suppose to go to a hunt group. For some reason, the switch's didn't properly handle the calls. I powered off the server and still received that message. I then replaced the drive and rebooted the server and everything worked fine. All calls routed to the huntgroup. Just for kicks, I unplugged the network card in the server and placed a test call and it worked fine. I'm not sure what was going on, but has anyone tried doing any mirror sets on servers?

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    When a mirror set fails, it trys to rebuild the mirror. This can cause the server to act like this. Basically, the server becomes unresponsive untill the Mirror rebuild is complete, which could takes hours. If you reboot it during this time, it will start all over again. Best to log in and break the mirror in disk manager if you know the drive is bad or something like that.