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  • VM distorted after listening for 1min

    We have a customer that is still running 6.1 11.15.1802 and just started having an issue with listening to VM over 3 to 4 minutes long. They can listen to the message from the phone just fine, but when they play message from their PCM, which plays thru the phone it starts to get distorted after 1 minute and so they rewind it a little bit, hit play again and it will play for another minute and it will then start to become distorted again.

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    We had this happen (in a mucher earlier build) at a customer and it wound up being something related to the actual server.... They reloaded Windows and the problem went away.


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      good info thanks, it wasn't updates but a whole reload?


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        Originally posted by southeasternMI View Post
        good info thanks, it wasn't updates but a whole reload?
        Pretty sure... That ticket was part of our previous ticketing system so I don't have visibility into all of the details.

        If you have a spare box lying around (heck, could even be a desktop you load 2003 on), you can move over the shoreline data directory and try it for a few days.