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  • IP 230 displays are funky???


    Has anyone ever experienced the icons on the 230's (where the programmable buttons are, and call handling mode settings) not being correct. Almost like pixelated. Instead of the phone on hook it is just a mess of lines.

    Any input would help. The phone functions fine, and a reboot won't clear it.

    Thank you all!

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    I think I've seen it

    Instead of characters on the phone's display - its all boxes?

    It will say the user's name, and all the details.. kinda - but where a letter would be its a box...

    I thought it meant a bad phone/display - went thru troubleshooting on one and ended up sending the phone back to them.

    What'd you do with yours?


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      I ended up removing these completely from the director and added them again. Something must have got lost in translation.



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        on the 230 phones there is a way to reset to factory defaults, your TAC engineer has the process. It is one of those 230 212 snafu's that comes up occasionally, do what you did was a work around as well.


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          Phone Factory Reset Required - ShoreTel KB10837

          Factory Reset
          Mute + rramos (772667) #
          Password = 1234#
          Factory Test KPD Mode
          Mute Clear (25327) #
          Power cycle phone
          (Unplug Cat5 cable)

          The Mute + Clear (25327) #
          Will clear other cache corruption problems...
          No server found (FTP cache IP Address corrupt)
          Wrong Date & Time (NTP cache IP Address corrupt)

          Other ShoreTel Mute Codes
          Mute + Reset (73728) #
          Mute + Setup (73887) #
          Mute + Clear (25327) #
          Mute + INFO (4636) # 3


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            one more
            mute + ping # (MUTE, 7, 4, 6, 4, #) then enter the IP address you want to ping


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              Originally posted by tvolking View Post
              one more
              mute + ping # (MUTE, 7, 4, 6, 4, #) then enter the IP address you want to ping
              Howdy Tim, hows the crew down there :tongue_smilie:

              Ya dont have to say man I know big brother is watching :_rolleyes: