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  • VLANs phones at one site, phone switch on another

    Hey all!
    Our company is about to set up a remote site with some Shoretel phones. The issue is the phones are at a remote site and we need them to connect to a Shoretel 90 voice switch at HQ. We have a voice VLAN at HQ, VLAN 200. We have set up option 156 on our DHCP server for our phones. The phones first come up on our DATA VLAN 100 and then restart and come up on the VOICE VLAN 200. We are using different subnet ranges at the remote site. Does anyone know how we can have the remote site phones register with the Shoretel 90 since the remote site does not know about VLAN 200 where the 90 resides?

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    What routers you have on both ends? What is connecting (T1,VPN) your remote site to the headend. At the remote site are the phones on the data network or another voice v-lan?


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      This will be a Layer 3 (IP... ala routing) issue. How are you routing between your sites?


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        Thank you for your responses. We have a Cisco 7204 at HQ, DS3 with T1s out to 2811s at the remote sites. OSPF is running between sites so routing is in place. From a design perspective, we have to introduce the voice vlans to each site.

        Should all the phones be on the same vlan across all the sites with same subnet?
        Do we create exclusive vlans for each site with exclusive subnets?

        Because the Voice switch(Shoretel 90) is at HQ would routing just be enough for the phones to communicate with the voice switch?

        Let me know if you need more information. I really appreciate the help.

        We have implemented a shoretel system at one site, but it has a dedicated Shoretel 50 so that was a simple install. The phones do communicate with the FTP Server/Voicemail server at HQ.

        Also, the phones will be set to DHCP getting addresses from a DHCP server at HQ. We have the scopes in place. We are concerned with tackling the VLAN issue as the the Voice VLAN in HQ is 200. I am trying to figure out if we need to send VLAN 200 to the remote sites as well and if so, how? DO we also need to be concerned with VTP? Again I am a novice engineer so I want to see the implications before going forward.

        THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!
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          You should really lean on your Shoretel partner for guidance and assistance here to be sure you have a proper implementation.

          Each site can have it's own voice vlan/subnet or not. It depends on the size of the site. I'd HIGHLY recommend each site be logically seperated in Shoretel with it's own Shoretel switch unless your Shoretel partner recommends otherwise (there are scenarios where you would not do this).

          If you use VLANS, typically it makes sense to standardize on the same voice VLANID across sites unless your network design principles dictact otherwise.

          Your subnets will have to be different... you can't have the same subnet cross sites unless you are bridging (which you shouldn't be).


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            Thanks so much for your response.
            I was actually thinking the same thing. Thanks again for the confirmation!