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  • PCM upgrade//after upgrading to 7.5

    Where can I go to upgrade the PCM if the user doesn't get the popup box to upgrade? Is there a why to start the pcm upgrade without the prompt box?

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    \\<shoretel server name or IP>\c$\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Director\ClientInstall


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      Is it possible to load the latest PCM version/build before running the actual server upgrade. We have a customer that doesn't give admin rights to the clients machines and customer has an outside company take care of their IT needs except the phone system, so when I do an upgrade the clients can't upgrade their pcm until their outside IT guy hits all of their machines and installs it. He does run a script of some sort, but would rather do it a head of time so there is no delay after the server upgrade.

      Any info on how you guys run this process would be great.


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        When you download the software, there is a seperate file for the call manager. Yes, you could wrap it in an unattended install method, and send it out the same night or before the upgrade. Not sure if the newer PCM will work with the old software, but usually it does, except for possibly ST 8.0.