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  • Loading PCM before Server Upgrade

    Does anyone know if it is possible to push Version 7 of the Personal Call Manager to clients, days prior to the server upgrade to 7. Is there any known issues? Iím sure shortel has done this in their lab, but I could not find any infor on it. Thanks, Randy
    Randy Wensmann
    [email protected]
    (408) 385-3485

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    Yes, you can push out the new PCM before upgrading the system. The only exception to this is Shoretel 8.0 where the new PCM requires Shoretel 8.0 on the back end to function properly.


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      Every upgrade that we have done we do the upgrade and then immediately publish the PCM through active directory. 90% of the users get the PCM installed via group policy when they turn on their machines the next day. The people that did not shut down get the prompt through the PCM to upgrade.

      We have found that using group policy works much better than the PCM integrated upgrade. If you have 100 people trying to upgrade using the PCMs method, it can overwhelm a T1 line.

      The group policy allows us to install from a local file share to each office.