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  • 14.2 IP4xx Phones

    Hi all,
    I feel like I'm missing something normal here, and now that I have started getting more used to Connect, I'm forgetting (or at least confusing) things that are 14.2 specific...

    I have a customer with 4 IP480g phones, none of them will get an IP Address from DHCP (Problem 1), so I got the customer to configure them statically, to at least see if the problem is with DHCP...
    He gave it:
    IP Address/Subnet Mask
    DNS Server
    Enabled VLAN Tagging and the VLAN ID
    Config Server (IP Address)

    and that is all- the phone then did try to register with the site's SIP Proxy, but was not successful.
    I did a packet trace on the SIP Proxy Switch, the 2 did communicate, albeit over TLS (TCP port 5061) they said hello, the switch asked for the certificate and the phone ultimately responded with a Fatal Alert: unknown CA.

    TLS is disabled in Director.

    My question is, does 14.2 even use certificates?

    The strange thing is that he does have 1 IP480g that is working, and it also got DHCP fine... the new phones that he got have the same firmware as that existing on that is working.

    PS- while we're at it, can anybody think of why DHCP wouldn't be working? An IP230 plugged into the same cable gets DHCP just fine.

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    I would factory defualt the 4 series phones with these issues and possibly see if you have something going on with LLDP or similar discovery protocol problems. Without DHCP these phones don't work right until they fully pull their local config.
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      Yeah, I just found quite a few threads on here, since 2016, with the same issue (you've also been writing that the phones need DHCP at least one time before they'll work with static settings- sorry for starting yet another one!)
      So, yeah, we'll have to figure out why DHCP isn't working.


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        Make sure the string in DHCP Option 156 has both the ftpservers= <HQ IP address>and the configservers=<HQ IP address>. Make sure you have a DHCP helper statement in your network switch so once the phone hits the default VLAN it can make it to the voice VLAN, the HQ server, then download its config files.