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  • Voice mail integration with Dragon speech to text and audio sample rates

    I have a customer that wants to transcribe the voicemail or call recorded audio to use with Dragon audio to text engine software.

    They have a very knowledgeable employee that heads the IT side there and was asking if there was a way that the Connect system could change the sampling rate of the audio coming from voicemails to suit the Dragon software.

    I could not find anything in the maintenance guide, admin guide nor on this forum.

    He is looking to change the vm/recorded call audio to 16Khz wav files but I am not sure it's possible without first exporting the audio from the server and converting it manually with some other software.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for your time.
    Last edited by SeanZ; 07-14-2020, 01:31 PM. Reason: I realize now I should have posted in 3rd party integration forum and not installers, sorry about that!

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    The ShoreTel / Mitel PBX cannot change that format for you. It is a standard that they use in multiple places which is deeply embedded in the code so even trying to tweak some files to fix it would almost certainly just break parts of the system. Your best path for this is going to be some 3rd party software that can watch the folder in question for new files and automatically convert them and send them on to the Dragon Wave software. How many messages a day do they estimate will need this kind of treatment?


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      Ok, I thought something like that was the case. The VP is recording once or twice a day (not tech savvy) and they are trying to see if they can do it without any intermediary steps from other IT staff but they don't have a choice in this case. Thanks for the reply!