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  • SIP trunks in one island and PBX in another

    Hi all.

    Here is a scenario I need some guidance on.

    We have a customer with about 50 users in Barbados and they want to establish a satellite office in St Vincent with 3 phones.The Barbados office has a PRI. The cost of placing a ST50A switch in St Vincent for just 3 users was not well received by the management. We need a switch so that the St Vincent staff can make local calls. So I would like to know what you all think of this other idea.

    We would use a Siparator in St Vincent with 2 sip trunks and a st Vincent DID on them. The local calls coming in on the siparator would route to the switch in Barbados, then go out across the WAN back to St Vincent to a desk phone. When the st vincent users make a local call it would go to the Barbados switch then back to St Vincent and out on the local SIP trunks.

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    We could just place the 3 phones and no siparator, but then calls from the st vincent staff to their st vincent customers would incur a long distance charge as the call would go out the Barbados PRI.


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      This sounds feasible, it will hang on how stable the network is and what your latency looks like.