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  • Setting up switches for SIP device - 2n IP Intercom troubleshooting.

    We have a multi-site MPLS Network with 2 2N IP SIP Intercoms installed. Our HQ Site has a SG50 and an SG90 .. When the SIP device is associated with the SG50 it works fine , can make calls etc.. when it is connected to the SG90 the calls drop as soon as they are answered. The SG50 slots are all occupied with 5 IP Phones yet the 90 has one slot with 100 Proxy's . The devices are set to SIP register with the ip of the SG90 (which they do fine).. but when I go to Telephones and see what switches they are associated with the device that wont work has been associated with the SG90 .. thanks for your help/