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  • BRI no Ringback tone


    Australia is gradually withdrawing ISDN services and we will soon lose our current PRI circuit.

    In anticipation of this, we have recently installed a SIP service with a SIP/BRI converter.

    Everything works fine apart from the ringback / call progress tone (when dialling out we don't hear a ringing or busy tone).

    Our carrier has looked at the ISDN log I provided, and tell me that the ISDN convertor is sending the progress tone to the PBX.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what is not correctly configured?

    Many thanks, Ian

    Our BRI ccts connected to the SIP to ISDN convertor (OneAccess) are configured as:

    Protocol type:
    ISDN User
    Central Office Type: Euro ISDN
    Signalling: Point to Point
    Clock Source: Slave / Medium

    ISDN Profile is the default: SystemISDNTrunk

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    You likely need to do a trace of packets to see if you are getting more than 1 invite request (more than one codec or more than 1 attempt for the same call). Most of the time when you hear nothing it is because a reinvite keeps being sent and there is no confirmation occurring. If this was a directly connected sip trunk you would simply try adding 1CodecAnswer=1 to the SIP profile. This causes only 1 audio codec to be sent in with a 200 OK response from ST to the ITSP.
    Lance Paddock
    BTX | Business Telephone eXchange
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      Thanks Lance, I will do some more traces and see what is happening