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  • Escalation profile

    I have come up against a unique situation.

    We have 3 offices. Each with their own on call escallation profile.

    As a safeguard, we would like to have one escalation profile escalatate to another escalation profile.

    Since each office rotates the on-call list, Manually putting in a list to reflect the new rotaion is too much hassle.

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    Can you clarify if the office that is on call should get notified of a message left at any office and respond to it as per the escalation profile? Also, is there only one mail box for all offices' VM's or do they each have their own? Do they need their own if they have them?

    I am guessing that you want a situation like:

    Office A on call -> use escalaton profile "A"
    Office B on call -> use escalation profile "B"

    You could look at forwarding the voicemails to a dedicated user account and use the scriptable COM object in ShoreTel to change that users CHM according to some clever programming logic. Each CHM can have its own escalation profile I believe.


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      Ok here it is a little better clarified:

      Office a = escalation profiles a1, a2, a3 ( a1 = tech a then tech b then tec c, a2= tech b then tech c then tech a, a3 = tech c, then tech a, then tech b)
      Choosing the profile is based upon what week it is.

      Office b= escalation b1, b2, b3 profiles (same scenario as above)

      What would be desired is a1 would escalate to b1,b2, or b3 and b1 would escalate to a1,a2, or a3 (depending on the week)

      Then on another week a2 would escalate to b1,b2,or b3 depending upon the week.

      So in other words: a call goes through the escalation process then goes through the escalation process of a 2nd selectable profile.

      This would also perhaps be utilized with 3 or more offices.

      so if there were 2 offices with 3 techs each there could be 9 permutations comming from 1 office. with 3 offices then I think it is 27 permutations from 1 office.


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        Right, got it. I think you are asking for more than ShoreTel can deliver in this case.


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          Why not create a route point that is your final escalation point (Route Point ext 700 for A group and Ext 701 for B group).

          When the user goes in to change from A1 to A2 they can edit route point 700 to forward to the B1 extension or B2 extension and vice versa.