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  • Migrating from 2008 to 2012 server 14.2

    I recently migrated from server 2008 to 2012 while on 14.2. When I copied the config files I did not disable AD integration in the director and installed on the the new server. Doing this broke AD integration on the new server as far as end users but I was able to web into the director from the server desktop. To try and fix the AD integration I disable AD in director and saved and enabled again, now I'm unable to log into the director from the server but can still log into the director off the server.

    - I rebooted the server (nothing from the server / can login off the server)
    - I disabled AD and rebooted (I was able to login off the server and from the server)
    - I enabled AD again (nothing from the server / can login off the server)

    Anyone have experience with this? I hope this doesn't mean I have to roll all the way back to the old server and start over with the migration with copying the config files with AD disabled because I will lose a weeks worth of data.

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    Did you update the trust on the domain controller between the AD server and the Shoretel server? I assume also the new server is on the domain? I would locate the guide on how to integrate AD and refollow the steps


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      I have not updated the trust on the domain controller. The new server has the same IP address but the name did change but I was told that the name doesn't matter until you move to Connect.

      I will ask our AD group look at updating the trust on the Domain controller.