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  • Polycom VVX phones

    Hi all

    With the recent Mitel increase in prices for all things Shoretel related, I'm looking for alternative phones that can be used on Connect. I saw the AppNote for Polycom VVX phones and we are going to be testing the 201 soon. However I see that Polycom has a new series of VVX phones; the 150, 250, 350 and 450. Does anyone have any experience installing any of these newer models?

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    Most sip phones will work...but nothing works as seamless as a native phone. Might also take note that you will need to add a sip license to your user ext for every sip phone you add. If you plan to test the VVX phones on the system you will need the app note you mentioned because having a sip profile does make the phone operate better.

    Things that can be an issue:
    • Transferring and or answering more than 1 call.
    • Putting calls on hold and picking them back
    • DTMF for an offsite conference, and or issues with hitting buttons in an external auto attended
    • Message waiting light not working or produces a false notice.
    Not to discourage you but i would test those functions before deciding to use any phone beyond native.
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      Hi Lance I tested all of things you mentioned and it works flawlessly. The only thing I cant do is get the user directory.


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        Most polycom models have a way to import / sync a directory, that is almost never a direct plug into the ShoreTel / Mitel directory service though (like really never as far as I have been able to determine). But with a little scripting and some batch jobs the directory can be used to some degree. I would also consider and test doing ad-hoc conferencing (many SIP phones try to do it locally rather than letting the PBX which can cause odd issues) and state changes (some people don't use them much or rely on client for them, but if your people are used to getting phone indication and control of their state that is a big loss on most 3rd part SIP implementations)


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          They replied and said the directory is important to the company so I'll have to figure it out. I've read up on it across various forums and the Polycom site so I have a basic idea of what I'll have to do to get it done manually, hopefully it does not deter them.

          We are only replacing the 420, so upper level staff will still be getting 480 phones and all the features they are accustomed to. The Polycom has some call routing like DND and call forward (which Shoretel could not do in a simplified way without the software) and this customer likes that. I also figured out how to make the Shoretel server a provisioning server for the Polycom so it can setup itself the way Shoretel phones do.

          I'll let you know how the directory integration goes.


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            Couldn't they just use Connect app for the directory? Use the Polycoms for basic call features then transfers/hold/directory use the Connect app.