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  • Configure IP 6940 on Mitel Connect Director

    We are a bit behind in our technology on IP phones and we are testing an IP 6940. We migrated from ShoreTel Director to Mitel Connect Director last year. We are currently on build 21.86.1828.0.

    This is on-prem and our organization does not want to go cloud at this time. We are trying without success to get the IP 6940 to work. We have a bunch of older ShoreTel phones ranging from old 230's to the 420's and 480's. Currently, we just use DHCP options to set the config server, ftp server, and vlan tagging with option 156 such as:


    This works fine for all models that we currently use.

    However, reading into the IP 6940, it seems the options differ. I've tried some stuff with option 43/125 and 66 to point to our Mitel Director server but the best I get is that it hangs at 95% when trying to connect to the server (but it shows the correct server IP).

    I am using Windows DHCP and am wondering if anyone has experience in getting this to work in my or a similar scenario with DHCP (or manual/static) and director side setup. If there is any documentation you can point me to, that would be great as well. Any guidance would be appreciated or notification that the IP 6940 simply isn't compatible with our setup. Please let me know what further information could be helpful and thank you in advance for your time.

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    Try DHCP option 129 for scope options


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      Thank you for the response. We tried option 129 and it looks like the option is taking but it still gets stuck at 95% when trying to connect to the server. Is there some parameter that we're missing? Do you by chance have an example of how your option 129 looks?


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        i'll see if i can get it later today or tomorrow


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          6920 thru 6940 are only phones currently supported and usable on MiCLOUD Connect along with original IP4xx series phones..
          >> Onsite system will NOT be supporting the IP 69xx phones until probably late 2019 when MiVoice Connect goes thru new IP69xx
          phone certification.
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