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  • Multi server system running different server OS 2008 / 2012

    We have multiple DVS / DVM (ECC/recording/reporting) in our system and they are all running 2008 OS 64bit. My next step to get to the Connect version is moving all of my servers to 2012. I'm running the latest version of 14.2 and was wondering if its possible to move my servers one at a time to 2012. It would be a major project to move all my servers to 2012 at one time. I would like to move our reporting and call recording server to 2012 and let that burn in for a few weeks and them move the ECC server to 2012 and finally the HQ server.

    Is it supported or possible to running servers with different OS?? I know that in the past this was possible?

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    That is fine, our normal procedure for this is to stand up the new box, take a backup of the old box, stop services and move IP of old box, move new box to IP, restore backup into new box. This is MUCH more reliable than trying to do a windows upgrade in place and gives you a safety net of the old box if necessary. We have done similar migrations many times without issues.


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      Great news, that's what I plan on doing is stand up new servers first for our reporting and call recording.
      1. configure roles and features per install guide
      2. shut down the NIC on both 2008 servers
      3.install the remote server software
      4. move or install Brightmetrics and telstrat software on those two servers
      5. move configuration or configure application again

      * At that time I will have two servers running 2008 (HQ/ECC) and two servers running 2012 (Brighmetrics/Telstrat)*


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        Helpful Hint - Make sure your system is covered under a valid current Mitel Support contract Before doing svr moves and/or System upgrades.
        You may be required to request new Server LIcense keys due to the change in MAC addresses of the new servers and you will not get access
        to support and these upgraded License keys without being on a current contract.