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  • Grandstream HT801 Shoretel Sip Registration

    I have 10 of these babies to install . I purchased this product because I was successful with my test. The SIP registration went smooth and I documented each step. My issues now is I am installing the second one and the settings are identical to the successful one (with exception to the unique values (user name , IP etc) .. anyway. I turn on dbg "on sipreg" and Im getting the following message from my SIP Registration process

    cco_ncc_sip_register_event token=17567611 Contact="sip:[email protected]:5060"
    Urn="???" Aor="sip:[email protected]" Host=""
    UserAgent="Grandstream HT801" UserName="1934" Nonce="6823cd06da6a"
    PROXY: password not trivial
    PROXY: Response to REGISTER entry 0x10c0f7b 500 cco switch
    PROXY: request (0x10c0f7b) and response (0x10c0f7b) matched
    PROXY: REGISTER (0x10c0f7b) received 500 response, deleted 1 TEMP LSP entries
    PROXY: Removing REGISTER entry 0x10c0f7b sip:[email protected]:5060
    WARN: src=TMSD, eventid=0xc1000064

    The 500 response.. I cannot find anything on this. IF you can help please do.. thanks Andrew

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    the only difference is the ATA being installed is on a CAMPUS LAN and each building has a different IP/Subnet but its all LAN traffic. The first one I installed for the test was on the same subnet as the ShoreTel 90 switch .


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      Quick update. When I move my Test device that successfully registers to another subnet it fails. I get the same handshake as I did on the one posted.


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        Are you using a virtual proxy ip or the switch ip? I would make sure all of your values point to one or the other..but not both. Also try deleting the entry before you move it to see if it can re digest on a reboot.
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          I would check if your Grand Stream device is in an IP address range configured via IP phone address map to a specific site, but attempting SIP registration to a switch at a different site. That will cause the registering switch to return 500 (internal server error). Grab a pcap of the registration process from the switch's perspective or review detailed syslog from the Grand Stream to confirm.


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            Thank you both for your help. I am embarrassed to say that the I had missed the IP Address Map for the site as suggested by rylandyla . Thank you so much for your post. We have a separate VLAN for all of our IP Phones per subnet . I was using the data vlan for the devices . as soon as I added the data vlan to the IP Address map it worked! thank you so much .. Appreciate the help.