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  • Tech Stack of a IP230G

    Our InfoSec dept is looking to scan networks for vulnerabilities and they wish to excluded the phones because its cost per device detected. I gave the the tcp/udp ports the phones use and the OUI but the only way the scan to finger a device is thru IP or Stack. IP is out of the questions because we use DHCP so my only option is for then to look for the OS the phone uses. What OS do these phones use, the switches use VXworks but need to know what firmware or OS the phones use.

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    why is IP out of the question? are you using a flat network or do you have it segmented with VLAN's? if you are using vlans just have them exclude the IP block assigned to your voice vlan. Phones use firmware but i don't believe there is a name associated with it


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      On mgcp phones it is a stripped down version of vxworks, but as it is not vanilla I'm not sure it will actually profile correctly for their tool. You might try the free spiceworks network scanner and see how it profiles those phones to get a better idea.


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        Correct, we don't use VLANs at our centers its just a flat network as far as voice and data.