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  • 2016 Digitally Signed Driver Issue

    Has anyone run into this issue? This is a fresh installation of 2016 and Connect
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    When installing Connect PBX software on a Generation 2 VM hosted on Hyper-V with secure boot enabled the installation highlights an issue with the TDIMEDIA.SYS driver.

    Subsequently, after the installation has completed and the server is rebooted, the Connect Services fail to start.

    During installation, the following error message appears:

    A digitially signed driver is required

    Shoreware Media Driver
    ShoreTel Inc

    Windows blocked the installation of a digitally unsigned driver. Uninstall the program or device that uses the driver and check the publishers website for a digitally unsigned version of the driver.

    Upon rebooting the server,you are unable to launch Director due to the following error:
    - Shoreware telephony software
    - Shoreware voicemail message
    - Shoreware voicemail port
    - Shoreware workgroup server
    - ShoreTel vmemsync
    - ShoreTel TrunkTestService
    - Shoreware CSIS VMserver

    To resolve the issue after the installation is complete and the services fail to start, perform the following steps: DISABLE DIGITAL SIGNATURE ENFORCEMENT IN WINDOWS 2016

    Note: Disable Secure Boot if running HyperV (do this in the Virtual Machine settings > Firmware from HyperV admin console)

    1. From Windows 2016 Server, Run DOS in ADMIN mode:
    2. cd <drive>:\Windwows\system32\
    3. type bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks on
    4. reboot server
    Lance Paddock
    BTX | Business Telephone eXchange
    1(800) 289-0299


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      Just came across this on a new build on Server 2019. In vCenter, in the VM settings, went to Advanced options tab, then expanded Boot Options, unchecked Secure Boot. Disabled Digital Signature Enforcement as described above. Still no joy. Called TAC.

      It only took a few minutes - We looked at the two articles as this is a super common issue.
      We just verified the output was correct.
      Use quickinstall to:
      stop all services
      remove and add TDIMedia.SYS
      Update registry path to point to c:\windows\system32.
      start all services.

      This is a well known issue in support with 2016 and 2019. Should be part of the install guide :-| Especially since 2016 is now well over 4 years old.


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        Per the last partner engineering call there is a signed driver coming out with 19.2 (supposedly) when it lands in roughly a month.