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  • ShoreTel MGCP phone IP230 over PTP VPN - Cannot answer phone or dial out

    I have a PTP VPN between home and office, just 8ms away. Office Shoretel IPs are - 47.

    Home office has separate subnet for phone: I can ping all the IPs in each direction.

    The phone registers, rings with incoming caller ID, can check voicemail from the phone, can dial office extensions.

    When the phone rings, I pick up but the caller continues to hear the ring, since the call is not really being answered

    When I dial out, I get a reorder tone.

    Can anyone make some suggestions on what to try to troubleshoot this?


    Boston, MA

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    this sounds like a firewall issue. Do you have all the necessary ports open on the firewall over the VPN? Dialing out is the phone assigned to a user that has proper access to the PSTN trunk?


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      I think the problem might be related to the fact that I am using SIP trunks with a Ingate SIParator. I needed to add a Directly Connected Network IP for the new subnet over the VPN.