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  • Call Whisper not passing from carrier to recipient on answer. (Not Whisper Page)

    Client X recently switched from an old TDM system to ShoreTel/Mitel Connect (Prem). They are a service company that uses multiple published numbers from marketing/Ad companies. Those published numbers will do a pre-announce message before the caller is connected to the user to tell them what Ad Campaign the call comes from. This is not working properly since moving to ShoreTel as I believe ShoreTel first answers the call at the switch level, provides ringback to the caller and then send the call on to the internal extension to be answered. By doing this, the Marketing Whisper is missed because it is automatically played on the initial connection by ShoreTel. If we answer the call in the first half ring, you can sometimes catch part of the announcement, but that is not possible for every call. This may be called Early-Media as well, but I am unable to find any way to pass that audio completely on answer by the end user regardless of the number of rings.

    Anyone had experience with this odd-ball problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    What kind of trunking are you using?


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      SIP Trunks


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        Bumping this old thread as I never had any feedback!
        Appreciate the review.


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          I would think this is related to how the trunk is connected to the system. An ingate or border controller with the correct settings and SIp profile from the carrier should be able to address the issue.

          Have you tried creating a SIP profile with IgnoreEarlyMedia=1
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          Lance Paddock
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            Lance: Yes I have previously, unfortunately it has no affect. Centurylink is registering the trunks via their Adtran and rouiting to the ST switch, so we are not using and Ingate.


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              The Adtran is essentially doing the same thing an ingate would with less control.

              Where does the whisper page come from? if you control the announcement add some silence to the first part of the recording.

              Are you using Sip trunks with media proxies? and have you tried adding the custom string Hairpin=1
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              Lance Paddock
              BTX | Business Telephone eXchange
              1(800) 289-0299


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                The Whisper is coming from the outside calling party (Marketing firm).
                We are using Media Proxies and have tried Hairpin settings along with Enable Early Media to no affect.
                Again, it seems to be that ShoreTel seizes the call when it hits the trunk which looks to the calling party that we have answered even thought no person actually has.
                ShoreTel provides ringback to the calling party until it is picked up by the user in which the pre-announce message has typically been played already.
                I appreciate the feedback.