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  • How to disable the ability to call certain 4 digit extensions in other sites.

    Hello and thanks in advance for your advice/help in this.

    As the title states, I have a customer who is wanting the ability to restrict certain users or user groups from dialing extensions (which are actually off-system extensions of the school's paging trunk) in off-site locations. The concern is that kids, if they know they extension number and also the paging dtmf codes, would be able to prank page other schools in the district.

    Originally we set this up so that a district office would be able to do emergency lockdown pages using 4 digit extensions in any school in the system.

    So my question is this: How can I restrict the ability of a specific user group or user from calling extensions outside it's own site? I can only find ways of doing this with outside incoming calls (nuisance call handler) or with custom dial strings. I could not find anything for local extensions.

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    I'm not sure you can do this. I would recommend reaching out to ShoreTel professional services and seeing if they have a way to do this.


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      Not sure if this will help. We are using the ST Enhanced Paging System. It will prompt for pass code if the extension is dialed. Or you can specify authorized extensions.


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        Can you explain how your paging is configured?? Do you have 1 paging trunk (with all OSEs) that connects to a main paging controller and the controller distributes the pages to the schools? Do you have 1 paging trunk per school?? Do you have separate user groups for each school (you should) ? If you have separate paging trunks per school and separate user groups per school just don't allow access to specific paging trunks for those user groups. If some of the phones need access to other schools paging just create more user groups and separate the phones between to the user groups.


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          Hi southeasternMI, We have a paging trunk and dedicated paging controller setup at each school. Each of these are configured according to a technical note I pulled from the shoretel support site that said to configure the trunks as OSE's and do not give any users access to the trunk, as they will just be dialing the OSE extension number itself to page and not a trunk access code. Here is the webpage:

          Where I seem to be missing something is that you say I can just not allow access to paging trunks at other schools. When they are setup as OSE with custom dial strings (to not filter or strip digits so they can enter paging codes) I do not see a way of doing this. The school wants to keep using the OSE method instead of a trunk access code but if there is not other way, I might consider it and propose it to them. Ideally no school would have access to any other school's paging off-system extension.

          Thanks for your input and help everyone!