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  • ip930d xml file won't load

    Hello folks. I have tried everything to get this to go, and the .XML file with the config info will not load into the base station. What am I doing wrong?

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    The XML file is the saved file for the "ShoreTel DECT Configuration Tool" project only. To save the configurations for the phone it self you need to navigate to the "Save Configurations File As" in the \\Inetpub\ftproot folder on the FTP server.
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      Already did that too. Still shows no config file on the base station, config file says "not set." I reset the base station so the new config files could load. I go to base security, turn it on, and once I register the phones, they flash right back to deregistered about a half a second later. I am doing it exactly how the "Shoretel IP930D planning and installation guide" says. Any other ideas as to what could be causing this? Thanks in advance.