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  • Operator phone ringing on monitored calls

    14.2. Operator licence user. Phone is ringing when any other phone on the system gets a call. Described as "phantom ring"... now, I know that the communicator is set with a default of alerting on monitored calls, i.e. rings when any call to any station happens (why this is on by default, or why you would want this period mystifies me), however in this situation it is the actual phone ringing, not the pc. Have changed the option in sounds to "none" even though this should have nothing to do with the actual phone itself. That made no change. However, when I change the license type to Personal, issue goes away. Have never seen this before and not aware of any setting that would cause this.

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    Check out the buttons on her phone/Button Box, I assume they are "monitor extension" and there is an option for when her phone should ring for the monitored extension.