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  • Calls to voicemail

    We have a Shoretel with 3x analogue trunks which are programmed to ring on a single phone ( and other phones do a call pickup.) the customer has reported calls are going directly to voicemail even when she isn't on the phone. On the TMS logs/ trunk test tool I can see calls going to a Hunt group which is no longer programmed in the call flow. ( it is very random. ). The customer believed that it was happening on certain numbers calling in, I am yet to prove that though. Any ideas?

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    In the analog trunk page for that group, do you have the proper extension assigned for the destination? Any time someone calls the number of the analog trunks it should ring to that particular phone noted in the destination field. Have you tested this yourself while watching the trunk test tool to see what happens to the call?


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      Callers dialing in blocking CLI go to voicemail and don't ring on phone, callers that do not block CLI receive calls fine. Known fault on Shoretel for analogue lines. There is a knowledge base article on this.