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  • Unsupported/Supported Web Browsers for ShoreTel Director.

    Have a customer attempting to log onto director, build 19.46.1802.0. Takes three attempts to get in ( says its unsupported web browser IE below v8) although version 11, customer has tried Firefox as well with a similar warning. Any fixes?

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    Hmm, that may indicate that the version of IE is actually too new for that build of ShoreTel. I see the build number, but what version is that (14.1 maybe...?). Anyway. Pre-connect only IE is supported for director. Best bet is to check the build notes for that build and see what versions of IE are supported. You may be able to make headway with compatibility modes in IE, but most likely will have to move to the appropriate version of IE or upgrade to top of tree on ShoreTel 14.2.