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  • After Hour Calls to cell phone if not answered forwards to another cell phone etc.

    Customer requires after hours calls to go to cell phone if not answered forward to another cell phone and so etc. ( 4 in total.)
    I have tried workgroups and hunt groups with no success, it will go to the first cell phone and go to its voicemail.
    I set the call forward from the extension to the cell phone to 1 ring, 3 rings per agent/member, 20 rings before going to voicemail. Any ideas?

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    When you call forward to an external number, usually a PBX will give up control of the call, and the caller will end up on the external user's voicemail. There are instances where the Shoretel system will still handle the call, such as with Follow-me and External Assignment.

    Shoretel actually has a document to do something as the way you described, using a Workgroup to call different users on external numbers. This does require that you use External SAssignm,ent for all your external users, which means that you will ned an extension only license for all your external users.

    If you have access the the Shoretel support website, search for ST AppNote 15013 (AN15013) April, 2015 Configuring an On-Call Notification System for Remote Staff


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      Thank you, almost exactly what I was after, it's something I can give to the customer to read at least.