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  • Configuring CCIR (c2g)

    We have just recently purchased Brightmetrics reporting to enhance our ECC reporting. I need to enable CCIR (c2g) on the ECC server for a data source for ECC and real time reports. I not sure if I'm configuring properly. I see now that CCIR (c2g) needs to be installed on server other than main ECC server. I have configured the options in the contact center director but my question is do I need to create a ODBC connection for the c2g to the CCIR service??

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    No, there is a separate setting to point to a remote CCIR data source. I cant remember exactly where in system settings it is now, but it is labeled as being for CCIR.


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      I found it, for some reason I was thinking it was an ODBC connection but the CCIR (c2g) was very simple to install. The missing part was install the CCIR which with each ShoreTel install package. Once I installed that on a separate server and configure to point back to the ECC main server.


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        No ODBC required for CCIR. Make sure you monitor disk space on CCIR server, it can grow pretty large if you have high volume.

        Brightmetrics is amazing. Light years beyond ShoreTel ECC native reports.