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  • 911 calls only get billing number from PRI trunk

    Hi, we have had a few 911 calls over the last few weeks at different sites. The CESID and caller id's have all been site to the correct numbers for different sites. The caller ID is working fine when dialing an outside number. It just 911 calls that don't seem to be getting the correct number. Are setup consists of multiple sites(Schools) that all connect back to the HQ PRI trunk for all outside calls. We have Century Link as the service provided for the PRI lines. I have contacted them as well, and have not had any luck with a resolution yet. Any help would be appreciated. I am still pretty new to the phone system, as the previous tech left and I have only been assigned it a few months.

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    The carrier doesn't send call info to the PSAP via the CID they receive. The carrier has subscriber list that is referenced with the CID sent to them. Your HQ site has a subscriber list with their address that will be sent to PSAP if 911 is called. So basically if one of your other sites call 911 and the call goes out the HQ PRI the HQ address will be sent on to the PSAP. What you need to request from the carrier is to sent up each remote site their own subscriber list with their own address and what CID matches to that subscriber list. So when a remote site calls 911 out the HQ PRI their CID will match their own subscriber list and sent the PSAP their own address.