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  • Have you followed the new SBE Win2003 to Win2012 upgrade procedure guide?

    ShoreTel on 7/28/15 issued this new SBE upgrade guide to allow SBE customers to be able do a DIRECT upgrade from their current SBE Windows 2003 server to the new UC-25 with Windows 2012.
    >>> This is the guide which is on TAC website => SBE Server Replacement Procedure.pdf
    1. Do you have any personal experience on following this guide?
    2. Is the guide accurate - if you follow the steps outline exactly as written does the process work ? Any gotcha's?
    3. Any suggestions or cautions on following this upgrade process.
    All info on your experience would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Bump - anyone upgraded a Win2003 server directly to Win2012 yet?


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      It doesn't make sense to me. I'd like to hear from someone that did.