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  • Analog Modem Issue

    We have a new(previously ran analog lines at an old location) SG24/SGT1 setup with PRI(NI-2) digital lines.

    Phone/voice and fax traffic work great (although some customers on the other end of the voice conversation complain about low volume levels 0 is this a setup issue in my control, or telco?). If i attempt to make modem dial-in to a service such as AOL or our security system provider - the calls are almost immediately dropped.

    The security system provider informs me they hear "line noise" or cross talk when they monitor the connection and that the digital lines are likely too compressed and need more bandwidth.

    I'm not familiar with all the details of a PRI setup/options - but need some thoughts on whether this is a ShoreTel configuration issue, or if i need to request the telco to modify our line settings OR abandon everything and get a copper line installed...although i find it difficult to believe that is my only option.

    Appreciate any thoughts.


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    What codecs are you using?

    Director > Call Control > Options


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      I have the extension configured as fax and that is set to 64kbps (G.711).


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        And some additional info - we're currently on build 11.6.9805.0


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          Is your PRI VOIP pri or dedicated. If its a VOIP PRi aka dynamic. You may have to work with your provider to mark that call as a fax/modem call so they will not compress it on thier side. (they may be able to do it by outbound caller id). I would also check the station settings and set it to fax machine under fax redirect. If I remmebr correctly that tells the shoretel not to compress the line use the G.711. (I may be wrong on that though.)