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  • Shoretel 115 IP Phone produces random "Provis not done, please retry"


    I recently have had a Shoretel 115 phone shoot out a "provis not done, please retry" when attempting to DHCP or if I manually configure the phone, the phone simply will not connect to the FTP server and then show a "No Service" message.


    - A 230 and a 210 seems to have no problem with the same cable.

    - The 115 when manually configured cannot be pinged and the phone can not ping anything on the network.

    - Sometimes the phone will work perfectly fine and connect with no issue. This has happened both in DHCP and manually configured.

    - I have tried this on a poe switch and with a poe injector, neither has produced better or worse results.

    - I have also tried to factory reset the phone a few times, basically has no effect.

    So overall I have a phone that right now basically will work when it feels like working. I can't seem to find a logical reason as to what is causing the "provis not done" error one minute or days at a time, then suddenly the phone connects (which normally happens when I have felt defeated from the phone not working).
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