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  • How to redirect 800 number to internal extension

    I need help redirecting an external 800 number to an internal extension. Basically, a client has a conference bridge that inserts the 800 number, DID, and extension into the calendar invite. Most internal users still call the 800 number which uses PRI trunks (one for outbound and one for inbound). What is the easiest way to "short circuit" the 800 number? Example customized site dial plan string that I tried was -
    <8004664411>xxxxxxxxxx212%0G<+18004664411>xxxxxxxx xxxx212%0G (where 8004664411 is the number dialed and should route to x212). However, it keeps redirecting to 9212 which fails (9 is the trunk access code).

    Thank you,

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    You cannot route an external call back to an internal extension directly. Once it has hit the site dial plan it is going to be external. What you can do is convert that 800 number into another number and then use the DID short circuit feature. DID short circuit takes calls to a user's DID and redirects them to dial directly to the target of the DID instead of going out and back in. It is enabled by adding ;9D to your site dial plan. Give the conference bridge (or a route point which always forwards to the conference bridge) a fake DID and transform your 800 number into the digits for that DID instead.


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      Hi, thanks for the reply. Here are a few corrections from testing: it is ";9d" and not ";9D". You cannot forward a route point to the conference internal extension but rather forward it to an Auto Attendant that times out to the conference extension. You also cannot short-circuit to an Auto Attendant DID. End result of design will be to redirect the 800 number to a Route Point DID, always forward that Route Point to an Auto Attendant, configure 1 second of silence and time out that Auto Attendant to the internal conference extension. Do you know the custom trunk group dialing rule to configure? Or can you provide an example?


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        I figured it out. The best way to do this is the following:
        1. Configure PSTN short-circuiting on all sites.
        2. Configure the 800 number on a PRI DID block.
        3. Configure an Auto Attendant, with one second of silence, to time out to the conference extension.
        4. Configure a Route Point, with the 800 number assigned as its DID, and always forward that to the Auto Attendant

        End result is an internal user calls the 800 number, which routes the call internally to a Route Point, which forwards the call to the Auto Attendant, which timeouts to the conference extension. You don't have to worry about creating a fake DID or transforming the number by simply adding the 800 number to your DID block.