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  • SG-90BRI not connecting

    We have a customer who has a HQ site and one remote site. They have a SG-90BRI at the remote site which is suppose to be controlled by the HQ server. When ever we try to add the SG-90BRI to the system the director find it and allows us to add it but under switch connectivity the SG-90BRI won't talk to any of the switches at the HQ. The HQ has a E1 and a SG-40/8. Average ping times between sites are 79ms.

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    I'd check the IP config on the 90BRI. I once spent far too long trouble shooting to discover that I had mistyped the gateway address on a remote SG switch. I also don't trust ping to make me think that all is good with the IP config, check it manually through the RS232 port.

    If the switch has never been connected it may need a manual reboot to initiate the software upgrade which will allow it to connect to the HQ server.

    Is there a DVM server at the remote site?