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  • Firewall license issues

    Installed a Shoretel system in a office that uses SonicWall that has 25 user licenses and when the phones update time the SonicWall firewall needs to be rebooted before the customer can get back on the internet.With the pc's and phones its exceeding the license capacity.Any fix for this?

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    Either get rid of the crappy firewall or call CDW and get a license upgrade for it. They have all the way up to unlimited licenses.

    Or you could try and point the phones to a local server to them and keep them from hitting the internet.

    SonicWalls are notorious for using a CRAPPY licensing scheme where it can hold a license by IP ADDRESS. When a machine gets a new IP from DHCP, it now has 2 licenses tied up. It doesn't cough up the license like it should until after a reboot. They have gotten better in recent years, but ICK.


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      Nice. Get a Juniper SSG Firewall.


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        Why dont you just tell you extremely tight operations manager to go to unlimited liscences, and everything will be coooooollllllll!!!!!!