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  • More than 4 Analog Trunks on 40/8?

    Newbie here,

    I apologize if this has been asked/answered elsewhere, but I haven't been able to find a specific answer to this question.

    On a Shoregear 40/8 I currently have 4-analog telephone lines coming in to a 12-port harmonica. I was able to configure these 4-analog lines just fine through Director, but can't add my 5th line as another trunk. Director shows that there are no "ports" available.

    Is there anyway to hook up more than 4-analog incoming trunks directly to a 40/8, or is that a static limitation?


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    Each analog port takes 5 ip ports.

    So if you have 20 IP phones (5 ip phones per port) then you are using 20/4 of your available 40/8 ports. Add in 4 analog lines (another 20/4) and you are full.

    If you don't have any IP phones you should be able to have 8 analog phones.

    Switch capacity is (number of IP phones max)/(Number of analog lines max). It is not 40 ip phones + 8 analog lines, it is either or, or any mixture of the two.


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      I think eazeaz misread your post, he is correct in that you are able to have 8 analog phones on a 40/8.

      You can only have 4 analog TRUNKS though coming into the switch (ports 1 through 4), ports 5 through 8 are Extension ports and cannot be used for analog trunks.


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        Let's go one further

        Shoregear 40/8: 2 trunk ports, 2 universal ports, and 4 telephone ports. Universal can be either Trunk or Extension.


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          Totally mis-read.

          I guess there is a difference between lines coming IN and lines going OUT.

          The details can kill you.


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            Hey guys, thanks for the reply! Guess I'll cancel that 5th line...unless there is some way to use it.


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              If you have a need for a fax, modem, credit card machine, or stamp machine, you can keep the 5th line and maintain it outside of the Shoretel system. Works great for an emergency backup line as well.


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                Do you suppose I could add a device that converts the incoming analog trunk to SIP and then pipe that into the Shoretel?



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                  If you find a device that will do that let me know, I'll be very interested in that.