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  • Interesting VLAN desgin...

    Here is the scenario:

    I have a network using /16 with default VLAN1 (includes PCs, ShoreTel HQ, ShoreTel switches, and Shoretel phones)

    I would like to add a Voice VLAN 10 onto the network without changing the IP address of the ShoreTel server. I would also like to enable IP precedence as well for traffic prioritization.

    The ShoreTel HQ server IP is 10.0.7.x. I do not want to change the IP since I heard it is tremendous amount of work and there are no ShoreTel tech notes on it. Plus, there are 2 other sites with DVMs.

    I would like to use - /16 (yes a /16) for the IP switches and phones.

    Is it possible to put all the ShoreTel switches on an untagged VLAN 10; put the phones on an untagged VLAN1, tagged VLAN 10; and leave the HQ server on an untagged VLAN1 (since it will remain on the original VLAN1 network)?

    What problems might arise? Also, is there a better recommendation in designing this?

    The only extra configurations that I can think of are to route the necessary traffic between the 2 networks. For example, route traffic between the /16 network and 10.0.7.x (ShoreTel HQ).

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    Changing Server IP

    Changing the server IP address is actually very easy, make sure you follow each step in order.

    1. telnet to each shoregear switch and change server IP address to new IP address
    2. change DHCP scope options to new server address
    3. log into Director and change Application server address to new address

    ** at this point you will lose connection to Director

    4. change address of Shoretel server to new address.

    ** sometimes, this requires a reboot to get Director to connect again.



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      I do not believe it is that easy to change the HQ IP address when you are dealing with multiple DVMs. You have to uninstall then reinstall the DVM remote install and then change the HQ IP address field to point to the new one. I also think there is more to it and am curious if there are any ShoreTel tech notes.


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        That will work fine. That is how we install systems with VLAN's and our house system is running in this configuration.


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          That will work just fine, there are no issues using different subnets for switches, phones or VM as long as the routes are in place it looks good.


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            Thank you.

            Thank you for the assistance. I will plan this design out and try to get it going within the next few months.