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  • Issue Upgrading ST 8.0 to 13.9.1111 (BETA TESTING)

    This thread was written during BETA testing, and issues described were more than likely resolved BEFORE going to Controlled Release. This is an "Information-Only" post.

    Hey guys,

    Interesting issue...I have been trying to upgrade to build 13.9.1111, but I am receiving an error stating "The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation". See attached. This also happened with the previous build. Has anyone else ran into this issue. I downloaded the build twice with the same result?

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    That EXE just extracts an MSI installer and runs it.

    Try running ShoreWareServer.exe /sms and see if you can extract the MSI and run it. Do you have any group policies on your domain related to Windows Installer?


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      I found the issue. I was receiving event 1008, so I googled it. Found that I needed to install a hotfix related to KB925336. This resolves an issue with big install files and the amount of virtual memory they take up. Installed the hotfix and I am good to go with upgrading tonight!