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  • Hypothetically, could a 120/24 support 120 sip trunks?

    could you use a single 120/24 to connect to 120 sip trunks, rather than 4 SG T1's. what would be the downfall? Of course, these would be carrier based SIP trunks...not vonage or anything like that.


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    I don't see why not. I've never seen any documentation to say there are capacity limits on SIP trunks per switch. If SWD will let you set every port to be a SIP trunk then that should do it.

    If you have more than one switch on site I would probably split the trunks across them for redundancy.

    Bandwidth is your other issue but that is normally limited by budget more than technology.


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      just configured 120 SIP trunks on a 120/24. Director let me configure it, so that is a good sign. Haven't tested using the trunks.


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        I guess my concern is bandwidth. Not sure what amount of bandwidth is required is set-up and tear-down calls, and it's only a 100meg port. I guess if it will control 120 phones, it shouldn't be any different controling 120 trunks?