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  • VLan Setup on HP Switches

    I am looking for some help with the VLAN setup for our network, We use HP Procurve switches and I am a bit new to the proper setup for VLAN's.

    Here is what we have:

    Private Lan: 10.0.0.x/24
    DHCP server: (Windows 2003)

    HP 3500yl - Connects Switches and servers and router.
    2 x HP 2626 POE

    At the moment we are only using the single default VLAN

    Any help with this would be great.

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    Below is a running config from us which we use a 5412zl and dlink des1228p for the phones and switch ports using vlan 20 for phones with switch uplinks on d21-d24.

    Running configuration:

    ; J8698A Configuration Editor; Created on release #K.12.57

    hostname "ProCurve Switch 5412zl"
    module 1 type J8702A
    module 2 type J8702A
    module 3 type J8702A
    module 4 type J8702A
    ip default-gateway
    ip routing
    snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
    vlan 1
    name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
    untagged A1-A24,B1-B24,C1-C24,D1-D20
    ip address
    no untagged D21-D24
    ip igmp
    vlan 20
    name "VLAN20"
    untagged D21-D24
    qos priority 7
    ip address
    ip igmp
    fault-finder bad-driver sensitivity high
    fault-finder bad-transceiver sensitivity high
    fault-finder bad-cable sensitivity high
    fault-finder too-long-cable sensitivity high
    fault-finder over-bandwidth sensitivity high
    fault-finder broadcast-storm sensitivity high
    fault-finder loss-of-link sensitivity high
    fault-finder duplex-mismatch-HDx sensitivity high
    fault-finder duplex-mismatch-FDx sensitivity high
    qos type-of-service diff-services
    ip route
    ip route
    ip route
    Sergio Valles
    [email protected]
    # 909-972-0398 Direct
    Certified ShoreTel Engineer


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      Thank you for the reply it has helped me get the vlan and routing working on our top level switch, so now when I plug a phone into the top 3500 switch it gets the voice vlan and the computer is on the default data vlan. the problem I have now is with the 2626 switches that are connected to that switch. I am using one of the uplink ports on the 2626 to connect back to the 3500 and I have setup a few ports to be a tagged member of a vlan I created on the 2626 that matches the settings on the 3500 but I can not get the vlan to work going from the 2626 to the 3500.


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        post your configs so i can look at them also specify what your uplink ports are thanks
        Sergio Valles
        [email protected]
        # 909-972-0398 Direct
        Certified ShoreTel Engineer