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  • Terminal Server PCM on Server 2000 w/7.5

    I am desperately looking for anyone that knows how to edit the registry or a work around for 7.5 1328. We loaded the customer with PCM on the desktop machines no problem (Office 2000 Pro), but when it came time to load the Terminal Server which is running on a Server 2000 machine running Office 2000 Pro for the clients it fails. For some reason it sees that machine as having Server 2000 and will not load even though it works and loads perfectly on the PC's with the same PCM and version of Office 2000 Professional. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Upgrading their Terminal Server machine is not on the roadmap in the near future for them. Thanks, Randy
    Randy Wensmann
    [email protected]
    (408) 385-3485

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    Luckily, I put this entry in the shoretel KB last year. This should do it:

    Personal Call Manger Windows 2000 Installation Fails
    During the install an error message complaining about "no network service account" comes up and the install fails.

    Although ShoreTel 7 does not support Windows 2000, the following is a possible work around: Create a local user account on each machine called "Network Service" without the quotes. Add the local user account and restart the setup.