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  • Shoretel 8 PCM 3 Video (BETA TESTING)

    This thread was written during BETA testing, and issues described were more than likely resolved BEFORE going to Controlled Release. This is an "Information-Only" post.

    "ShoreWare supports video calls between two Call Manager users that are communicating directly. Call Manager instances communicating through a ShoreWare server cannot use video."

    What does this mean??? Engrish please!

    Another quick both sides need to have a webcam, or can it be one-sided (both have video privliges).

    What is the current issue with Intersite?
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    I think that statement reflects Citrix deployments.

    You do need two cameras or you don't have the option to start a video call.

    They are still ironing out the bandwidth on it... cpu requirements are pretty hefty by the way. This feature is still a bit buggy but pretty cool nonetheless!