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  • 3 second delay

    Anyone the issue where the customer gets an incoming call, but has to wait a couple of seconds before they start to speak in order for the caller to hear the begining of the conversation. Customer can heard the caller right away, but the caller can't heard them until 2-3 seconds.

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    See my 4 page post.

    It sounds like the "bug" that shoretel has been working on for over 3 months now.

    2-3 seconds sounds a bit extreme though. We see about 1 second. Just long enough to cut off someone saying "This is Gary" and creating an awkward silence.


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      Thanks dude !!! Well that is the customer telling me 3 seconds, you know they always over exaggerate issues.


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        Delay Issue

        Unfortunately, I really do feel that the only way shoretel will truly make this bug a priority is if enough clients complain and the feel the heat.

        I had to prove to them that this even was a bug, and as far as I know, no one else has reported the issue to them.

        That probably makes the bug low man on the totem pole.

        Give em heat!


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          I'm not seeing your post on this issue, page 4 installers, right?


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            How did you prove it to them?


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              We had to spend 2 weeks troubleshooting and providing Packet Captures showing the calls being setup. The packet captures clearly showed the switches sending a request to the phone and never getting a response. The switches then send another request. The phone then responds at the same time with both responses.

              Before shoretel would look into it deeply, we had to replace switches, phones, etc. We also had to get a NEW switch and a NEW phone and duplicate the problem in an isolated lab environment.

              From my data, this adds about 500ms to the call setup time. From what I can tell the call setup time is normally about 250 MS. When you add the 500ms and a little wiggle room, you end up at close to a second of dead air going out.

              A user would not notice 250ms, but does definately notice 750 to 1000


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                Originally posted by southeasternMI
                I'm not seeing your post on this issue, page 4 installers, right?


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                  After talking with the customer and getting the real story, the delay happens when the operator X-fer calls to extensions. A call will come in and she hits x-fer/consult/yes, it will take 2-3 seconds to connect. But if she hits x-fer/consult/hangs up, it takes 12-20 seconds to connect. The delay before sending digits is set to 1000, could it be a headset, they use plantronics/ VISTA M12. Any one seen this before. You think its a particular version? They are running 7.5


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                    The answer was the delay after collecting digits; that is hard to find, they put it in the weirdist place.


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                      We had a delay with our plantronic headset users, they have come out with a new cable that fixed our delay issues.


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                        Where do you make this adjustment from 250ms to 500ms?


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                          IP phones/options/


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                            When you do the ;1L to remove the delay will the caller ID still come in 1.5 rings later? How does it effect call history?


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                              Originally posted by southeasternMI View Post
                              IP phones/options/
                              What should this be set to? Mine is at 3000.

                              I also have this 1-2 second delay when answering a call. If I don't wait about a second before speaking, I get cut off and have the lovely dead-air until someone speaks. I thought it was related to the custom ringtone I have. Perhaps its not????