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  • Upgrading from 7.5 to 8.0 issues (BETA TESTING)

    This thread was written during BETA testing, and issues described were more than likely resolved BEFORE going to Controlled Release. This is an "Information-Only" post.

    I only had one issue with my upgrade from 7.5 to 8.0. I have one user whose profile was TOTALLY trashed. Whenever I try to access his individual user account, it throws errors, and won;t let me even view the settings. I cannot delete it or anything. I will be opening a ticket soon. Luckily, it was only 1 user.
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    Upgraded last night...went to install build 13.9.1104, but found that the install package was missing the datacab and .msi files. Luckily, I had build 13.8.7303 available, so we upgraded anyway. (I downloaded 13.9.1104 again and it was still missing the files???)

    Upgrade went smooth, call manager upgraded with no issue on Vista workstations. Had an issue running the TspInstall on our Terminal server, ShoreTel is looking into the issue.

    Things were interesting this morning. Our schedule took 10 minutes to change over, intrasite calls had an echo and hiss, intersite calls had echo. Most users described it as being in a tin can. Don't know if this is because of the new codecs. I am in the process of refining the codec list, while making test calls between different codecs. Also found that we could not telnet any of the phones, switches are ok, receive "Authentication Failed!!!" ShoreTel is looking into the issue.

    Call Managers have been a little glitchy throughout the day today, but overall the system is running stable and seems to be better as the day has progressed. Spoke with field trials and they said a new build will be released next week, so we are looking forward to upgrading again to refine any issues we might have.



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      The Audio issues is Codec related. They are now 'lumped together'. Lower them, and it will improve.


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        Yeah.. I don't know why the defaulted to the high codecs, we've always had problems.

        New build comes out Monday (we'll be installing right away).


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          This has actually been one of the better betas... Been running it for 3 months now and no major issues except for the ip phone failover bug that impacts the new SG switches (causes them to stop servicing phones until the switches are rebooted).

          Some of the other betas could be a bit rough at times (6.0)


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            I made a new codec list for intrasite calls, just used G.711/ADPCM, calls now sound as good as they did before the upgrade. Seems ShoreTel needs to refine their codec lists.