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  • SIP trunking/ Xfer find me, 0 assistant

    I setup SIP trunking through an Ingate box and everything works good as far as transfers (extension to extension) and other features, but the only problem I'm having is then you call in and get someones VM if you try to zero out to their assistant the call transfers and connects, but you lose voice at both ends, this also happens with the find me feature.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Hang Up

    Sounds like the "Allow Trunk to Trunk" transfer permission setting again to me.

    It is under the class of service section.

    There are several posts on the board that related.

    Worth a shot anyway.


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      Have you been able to get conference calling working with SIP Trunks?


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        Originally posted by jasonepowell
        Have you been able to get conference calling working with SIP Trunks?
        Our IP8000 will conference 2 parties (3 way calling). remember though, SIP trunks don't have all the features that SIP extensions have. If/When sip extensions show up, then these issues will be resolved.


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          I meant with SIP Trunks tied back to an ITSP. We have a direct SIP Trunk to ITSP connection and a Shoretel > Ingate > ITSP connection and neither of them support conference calling for some reason. I don't know if any of you have much experience with this though.


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            Conferencing on SIP trunks requires conference ports on a switch, even for a 3 party. If you don't have any switch ports on the site set to conference then you won't be able to conference. Also I think that there is a max of 3 party conference on SIP trunks.


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              I got the 0 for assistant fix, for some reason it wouldn't transfer to 0 for operator, when I added the operators extension 110 in place of the 0 it worked.

              I haven't had problems with conferencing, but its only been SIP trunk in and two or three internal extensions.