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  • VoiP over RF "wireless" point to points?

    Has anybody done this before? We have done this "Line of Sight" before, but we have a "potential" customer that just installed a 6/6meg Point to point RF connection. Current ping from point A to Point B is 10-12ms average (Their T1 was at 5ms). The 2 locations are about 20 miles apart. Just curious if anybody has had any experience with this before. It's RF and it's not line of site. I figure call quality should be fine as long as the ping stays under 100ms.

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    I'm no expert however, form experience, more detrimental to voice quality is jitter (which will be exacerbated by large data packets, packet buffers, packet aggregation, congestion and packet loss). So the think to test for is jitter...

    I'm curious to know what equipment do they use?


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      I have no experience with RF and voice, but from my RF with data experience I would be very scared! Too many things can mess it up.


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        I have a ton of experience (and a fair number of customers) installed over fixed wireless connections. As with any network delivery method, controlling for latency and jitter are paramount with wireless. Using QOS to prioritize VOIP over the rest of your traffic is a good idea as well.

        We do always make sure to have backup analog circuits on site though. Wireless (particularly unlicensed) generally isn't as reliable as a T1, but generally beats Cable/DSL by a handy margin. Let me know if you have any other questions.