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  • upgrade ST 7 to ST 7.5

    Anyone who has made the jump from 7 to 7.5, what did the PCM upgrade consist of? Did the users get a popup to click for upgrade and that was it or did they have to put in the login/password, server name. Hopefully it's not a whole new (shorewaredirector/clientinstall) PCM install.


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    They get a prompt to upgrade and it was pretty harmless.

    However, if your Shoretel Server is in a remote site all hell can break loose. We had 75 people at a remote site come into work at 8am and all try to download the 35MB update over a T1 at the same time. Needless to say, it overloaded the T1, causing the downloads to timeout and retry, over and over and over, causing voice traffic to degrade, etc etc.

    If you have a lot of remote users, I strongly recommend pushing the client using Active Directory and a local install point. Then they are never prompted to upgrade.


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      Ok, so they will just have to click once for the upgrade and they are done. I like it when I can keep the user to a simple task, I'm sure they can handle it.


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        We upgraded from 6.1 to 7.5 and used group policy. 3 remote sites consisting of over 130 users plus an additional 250 locally. Added an extra reboot to the boot up process, but other than that was invisible to the users. Worked like a charm.